What do I need to do to get into the hair industry?

This is a question that many people ask before the increasing recruitment demand of hair salons and hair salons today. On average, every year, more than 3,000 large and small hair salons open across the country. This partly proves that the beauty needs of Vietnamese customers are increasing day by day. Besides, according to today’s actual situation, customers are also very important to the service quality of hair salons.

Customers now no longer want to let an assistant touch their hair, from haircuts and styling to chemical services such as curling – straightening – dyeing or hair extensions. The reason this happens is because: the beauty needs and requirements of customers are increasing – but the skills and knowledge of the workers are decreasing.

Indeed, on average, only 2 out of 10 hairdressers (including master and assistant hairdressers) are well-trained, and the rest all start from helping in hair salons or hair salons. This leads to a gap in the hair industry in Vietnam, because the “rote learning” based only on the ability to observe and share little will cause newcomers to choose the wrong direction of development, even It takes almost 7-10 years to become a master worker.

As a true hairstylist, there are 3 most important things to have: skill, knowledge and passion. If you lack any of those three elements, it will be difficult for you to reap much success on your career path in the hair industry. Think further for the next case, if you lack knowledge about the hair industry, you are easy to get entangled in big scandals from customers, making your development path encounter many obstacles.

And you see, a lot of Facebook groups, beauty bloggers or reviewers post, even thousands of reviews every day. Will you be able to stand up to the constant bad feedback from your customers?

Thereby, it can be seen that going to a training course for newbies in the hair industry is really necessary. It not only gives you the concept of a profession, but is the starting point for important functions that will help you make money later: such as cutting hair, curling – connecting, connecting hair, or even starting up. professionally. It’s much more practical than doing chores at the salon and running every day.


So, where is a good place for vocational training for beginners?

The best hair training place for beginners is the one that can give you the most solid foundation in both knowledge and skills. You can:

• learn and practice in a professional environment with advanced infrastructure
• well-compiled scientific textbooks
• clear and scientific learning path, guaranteed to be able to learn 1-on-1 if the progress does not keep up with the lesson plan.
• trainers are famous stylists with achievements in the profession
• be fully instructed in the necessary skills and knowledge. (Many places now only teach skills, knowledge is not enough or even not taught, making the students have no understanding of industry terms or distinguish the hair problems that customers have. are encountered.)
• share practical experiences from longtime stylists in the profession
• participate in extracurricular sessions to practice skills
• get exposure to big famous drug brands in the world market in general and Vietnam in particular
• capacity is assessed through each stage to find a more effective way to study
All of that is fully built by Hint Academy and included in the Basic Hairstyling Course. This will be the place to help you take the first steps firmly when entering the hair industry, giving you a complete foundation to develop your career path later.

What does Hint Academy's basic hair training course have?

Basic Barber Class

Coming to the basic hair cutting class at Hint, you will be guided in techniques of holding scissors, hair parting – haircut angles, men’s haircuts – women’s haircuts with the most popular hairstyles today. With the direct instruction of professional Hair Stylists who have many years of experience in the profession, giving you a solid foundation to become a professional hairstylist in the future.

Not only will it help you to grasp the technical aspects, the women’s haircut – men’s haircut course at Hint also creates many opportunities for you to practice more, including extracurricular sessions to improve skills for students. The entire curriculum is built closely with reality, accompanied by tests and evaluations by lecturers in each stage to understand the capacity and support for each student.

Basic Curling – Stretching – Dyeing Class

After learning to cut hair, students will continue with basic curling – straightening – dyeing lessons. Here, students will be introduced by the instructor from the most basic knowledge such as how to distinguish the client’s hair quality, the tools used, how to distinguish each drug and mix based on each different hair background. In addition, students also learn about how to receive and advise guests like in reality.

The curling – stretching – dyeing class will be taught by highly skilled stylists, thereby giving students good “tips” from many years of professional experience, how students can achieve the most standard results, with the least “beats”. In addition, students also learn about the hottest techniques today such as cold curling, setting curling, straightening hair on bleached hair, dyeing techniques on hair bases or dyeing colors, etc.

More specifically, students will have the opportunity to learn with genuine high-quality curling – straightening – dyeing products from world famous brands such as Guy Tang Mydentity, Schwarzkopf, Davines, Goldwell, L’Oreal , Tricol, etc. and have the opportunity to participate in seminars of experts from these Firms.


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